Red shoeprints (DP challenge)

Hi everyone,
Today i am writing a story specifically for the dailypost weekly writing challenge :
For this challenge i am writing a fully fictional story, so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy !
(P.S. Normally i only blog in dutch)

Red shoeprints run across the room towards me. I feel strange and i look around thinking ” did i fall asleep ? ” I don’t remember anything at all, the walls and floor do not look very familiar. In the corner i see a man, laying very still in a puddle of blood. I now open my eyes wider and start to feel in my pockets. But in the moment i reach into my pockets i feel something metallic and cold. Before i pull it out i already know what that object is. That object… is a gun.

” I know what you did ” i shout and start chasing the man. He runs away but i fire my gun in an instant without really thinking it through. After a bright flash and a loud bang everything goes black. I walk up to the body before i pass out right there on the floor… A faint smell of blood is the last i remember…

” It’s time to settle everything once and for all ” i shout when i follow the man through his living room. Thoughts of my wife being held captive keep flashing by, yet this man still does not have a clue who i am and why i am here. I’d rather not know myself but i remember every little detail she told me. And also the wonders that one hidden camera can do.

The house looks exactly like the one from the videotape. I feel angry, let alone the fact that my wife walked on this exact same pavement. It sends a shiver through my spine. But the plan worked or else i wouldn’t be standing in front of that house right now. I walk up to the front door, ring the bell and wait for the man to open the door.

I am almost done packing my things for my mission and my eyes fall on the gun. The object that i have never used before. An impulse goes through my mind… Should i leave the gun at home or…


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