Za 13-08 Team championships SPA

Let’s hype ‪#‎BAPT‬ / ‪#‎APAT‬ tournaments during ‪#‎Spa‬ this weekend using the ‪#‎APATbe‬ hashtag. We need an APATbe account guys 😉

TEAM – (captain)
1. Suited Aces (Geert Ceulemans)
2. PVZ Avengers (Patrick Henckens)
3. PVZ Shark Attack (Luc Simons)
4. Dutch Poker Squad (Michel Van Heuven)
5. TRJ West Vlaanderen (Geert Sluys)
6. Hotrunners & HotWheels (Marco Simon)
7. King of Queens (Jacco Willem Palte)
8. ‘ team name TBC’ (Robert Wiechers)
9. Venlo Dealers (Tamaico Boers)
10. Fancy Boys (Trifon Pappas)
11. Chucky’s Team (David Stukley)
12. The Red Jacks (Yves Bormans)
13. Pokahnights (Guido Couck)
14. APAT Dutch Crew (Marco Wouters)
15. APAT Belgian Team (Patrick De Cleene)
16. Team ONK Poker (Mathijs Jonkers)
17. APAT International (Clare Bilbo Duffy)
18. Poker Mania Team (Emmerson De River)
19. Destino’s Black Sharks (Don de Boer)
20. Ace of Spades Sharks (Rob Lenaerts)
21. Ace of Spades Double Up (Marco Marano)
22. 4 Britts Still in Europe (JP Round)
23. Team (Roy Godschalk)
24. TRJ Brasschaat (Danny Maes)
25. No Nuts No Glory (Pim Wilgenburg)
26. Seven Deuce (Schrauwen Peter)
27. Poker Invest (Bruno Englebert)
28. Gnangnan (Patrick Jowa)
29. Casino de Namur (Bernard de Breyne)

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