ICM deal last 2 standing 21-08-2018

ICM deal last 2 standing, casino had to close. 71 entries. Got €1.6k, chipleader got €1.620. About even chop . GG.

And yes. Only playing 1 tourney a week, fits my new lifestyle way better. Big choice around may 2018. I am so happy. Ready to call me ex-pokerplayer now? πŸ˜‰ i am.

Recreational style forever

Twitterupdate Juli 2018

Twitterupdate Juli 2018

”Yes you might have noticed me not giving as much pokerupdates as before. It was my decision to tone it down a bit. Still recovering mentally but really doing well and will be back after some summer break. I have not stopped playing entirely but are skipping some series events. From here on out i will only tweet decent cashes/finishes or when i make a day II in a multi-day event. And yes it’s true: no more Vlogs. Love to y’all. Make poker fun again 😍